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Welcome, and thank you for choosing MKD Custom Holsters. Everyone of our holsters are handmade, custom. All of our holsters come standard with three ingredients; Dependability, Durability, and Design.

Dependability makes your MKD Holster reliable. From concealed carry, to the range, to the woods, it will do it all. Our holsters are always draw-tested to ensure they have just the right retention, while making your weapon or magazine a snap to draw again and again and again in the moment of need.

Our holsters are durable. The Kydex material we use is resilient, standing up to abuse, wear and tear, and anything else you can throw it. Get it wet, get it dirty, sandy, hot, cold, it doesn’t matter. MKD Holsters are guaranteed to hold their shape. They are intended for everyday, 24/7 use.

The design of an MKD Holster is a thing of beauty. The unique design of our holsters makes for a reliable and consistent retention, for the same draw every time. Not only is the experience of drawing from an MKD holster a key focus in our design, the appearance of it is as well. Our holsters fit to the contour of your hip, making them ideal for concealed, open, and everyday carry. They are comfortable, and easy to conceal when necessary. However, when you feel like showing off, your MKD holster will not let you down. We offer a plethora of finish options and combinations. Not only that, but our holsters come standard with an incredible amount of detail and will certainly highlight the design of your weapon.

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Kelly Dixon

Kelly Dixon

Founder & CEO

With an extensive background in law enforcement and security, Kelly saw a need for higher quality holsters that effectively conceal while not hindering the access in the time of need…so MKD Custom Holsters was born.

Chad Dixon

Chad Dixon

Brand Ambassador & CMO

Chad’s passion for outdoor sports, guns, music, and technology make him the perfect ambassador for the MKD Custom Holsters brand. It’s his sole mission to show the world the quality and dependability of MKD products.

Reid Dixon

Reid Dixon

Production Expert & COO

Fresh out of college and with a bachelors degree under his belt, Reid has engineered the MKD production process for delivering superior quality and unmatched dependability with a visual flare. You should get one today, seriously.